Monday, January 17, 2011

This is Serious!

Okay, I was half way through a new blog post.  I saved it, then closed it.  Now I can't find it.  What's worse is that none of my past blogs show up in the Edit Posts tab of my dashboard. What happened?  More importantly, what can I do?  Please, please tell me there is something.

Okay - I figured it out.  It was operator error, but my new blog post is gone -  Rats, and I really liked how it was going.

Update - Mary, that is exactly what happened.  Duhhh!
               Kathy - I spent a bunch of time doing the same thing. 
               Greta - Good idea!

But it does make me realize that I want to save my blog  so I will have my links, photos and everything someplace else.  Redundancy is a good thing.   Maybe I should go back and copy each blog post into a word document and save it that way.  Or would a PDF be better? 


  1. Try this:

    1. Logout of Blogger and Google.
    2. Close your Internet Browser

    See if that works.

  2. Sounds like you are doing a little "kamikaze computing" of you own, simiar to Susan at Nolichuckyroots...

  3. I did the same thing two weeks ago. I then spent an hour and a half trying to recover it, read the help forums, etc. In the end, I just had to do it over. I wish I knew of a way to recover the posts. I read in the help forum about someone who accidentally deleted their entire blog!

  4. I do all of my blog posts in a Word or Pages document first and then copy them into Blogger, mainly because I am so paranoid about losing posts this way.

  5. When in Blogger in Draft, click on edit posts, on the right hand side, at the top of all your posts, is shown 'Your Posts: All, Drafts, Scheduled, Imported, Published'....make sure you have the 'ALL' clicked. Hope that helps

  6. Sounds like you had my kind of day - so sorry!

    I use Tabbloid as a backup for posted blog entries. Don't have anything for the unposted ones and I do compose many of the entries on Blogger. Not going to worry about it today. Tabbloid doesn't capture links, but does a good job with format and photos. I get an email a week.

  7. Margel - Oh good, I'm glad that worked for you! Don't know why I remembered that, I don't remember much else, but there it was at the front lobes of my brain!

  8. Way late commenting, but this happened to me when I was just starting my blog. I had worked literally hours on a post and made one goofy mistake, hitting some key by mistake; the post disappeared and then blogger automatically "saved" the deleted post. I was beside myself. Now, like Greta, I compose every post in Pages (MAC), copy and paste into the html view of Blogger, to prevent errant code from creeping in. Then add pix. Then copy and paste back into a PAGES document and save. I can at least recreate it. I'll check out Tabbloid too now.

  9. I wordsmith my posts to death so they always take a long time. I read and re-read until I think it sounds smooth and like my own voice. I need to find another way because now I compose everything in blogger. The problem is that now it is familiar, and I am a creature of habit.