Sunday, February 10, 2013

Merry Christmas . . . to Me

Vera Bradley hard shell computer case
I have been terribly unfocused recently (more so than usual) flitting from one side of the family to the other and from one hobby to another with work sandwiched in between.  I can't help it.  I'm a baby boomer, and I want it all!

I have multiple posts titled and languishing because I know it will take some major time to put them all together.  Of course, it is exactly that hoped for organization that propelled me into blogging in the first place.  So, I will start with this very simple and very late post about my newest family history toy wonder.

Flip-Pal scanner
For Christmas, I received a check from my brother-in-law because he was at a loss for what to get me. It was a very generous check, and I knew exactly what I wanted . . . a Flip-Pal scanner!  Ever since last summer when I discovered the giant box of old photos on a top shelf in my closet I have dreamed of a Flip-Pal.  At the two genealogy conventions I attended, I would walk more slowly past their booth and watch as they demonstrated the marvelous stitching ability of this mighty mite.  On two previous research trips to Iowa, I lugged my full size scanner which had to be connected to my computer.  This was awkward and not without a few problems.

I placed my order but went with just the basic scanner . . . had to stay within my budget.  I knew I wanted a carrying case, but the one on the website seemed a bit wimpy and did not really provide protection.  Ah ha!  There was a new Vera Bradley shop at the outlet mall in Michigan City, and I was looking for an excuse to buy something.  I was sure they would have something I could use.  After all, Vera Bradley has a bag for everything. I looked up the dimensions for my new purchase and off I went. I entered the store and was greeted by a giant sign that told me there was an additional 30% off their already lowered prices.  I walked around and around looking at everything and opening anything that was remotely the right size.  Then, at the back of the store on a lower shelf was THE perfect case.  It was a hard shell case with a quilted cloth exterior, a zippered pocket on the side and a shoulder strap. It was my dream case.  Oh no, the size was just a bit too small for the dimensions listed on the website.   I decided to wait until my little gem arrived, hoping that the actual Flip-Pal would fit.  This turned out to be a good decision as my dream case was also the Perfect Case.  I added a matching small zippered case to hold the USB stick that comes with the scanner and clipped it to the handle. 

The case was created for a mini computer, but with the repositionable Velcro sticks that can be placed anywhere in the interior, it is perfect as you can see!  Best of all the cost was a mere $24.  I would suggest that Flip-Pal pair with Very Bradley to offer these perfect cases on their website.  Can I get a commission for suggesting this?   You can travel to your nearest Vera Bradley outlet, or order one from their website.  No guarantee that the price will be the same and the price varies by the pattern chosen.  I do realize that purple floral might not be a male Flip-Pal owners cup of tea.  Oh well . . . Merry Christmas to me!

Disclaimer:  I have not received ANY compensation from either Flip-Pal or Vera Bradley. . . shucks.    I doubt they even know I purchased their products. I am just a very satisfied and enthusiastic new owner of scanner and case.


  1. What fun, Margel! Don't you just love it when things work out like this? The Flip Pal and Vera Bradley case strike me as an unbeatable combination. They would be wise to take note of it. Enjoy them!

  2. Margel, I have seen others blog about this scanner. What does it do that is different from other scanners? What makes it special?

    1. Like you, I wasn't sure I really needed it but now that I have it, I love it. I love that it runs on batteries and doesn't need to be hooked to my computer. That means LOTS less space is needed when scanning. I can scan at my kitchen table, on a coffee table, or even on my lap while sitting on the sofa. I scanned my parent's wedding invitation while still stuck fast to a fragile 70 year old photograph album. It's just so wonderfully convenient. It won't replace my flat bed but is a perfect partner for it.

  3. Margel, I too like the Vera Bradley case and checked it out a couple of years ago at NGS in Charleston, SC. It fits the Flip-Pal mobile scanner AND an ipad if you place the flat sides together and add a little padding between them.

    You CAN get a commission for selling Flip-Pal mobile scanners. Check out the Flip-Pal website and look for the button "Become an Affiliate" in the upper left corner of the home page.

    And I won't make a disclaimer because I do work for Flip-Pal.

  4. What a hoot! I'd never have thought to check out Vera Bradley bags.

    Go you! And Merry Christmas to Margel...


  5. Well, you have me sold on it! I need to get into all of the old boxes in Boulder City and dredge for pictures! Saving the ones from after 1950 from decay and all of the others from oblivion that is surely not far. Luckily, I think most of them are actually labeled on the back! Isn't that nice? I love the VB case you got for it... good protection and simple to manage. Wish I had a nice brother-in-law who gifted me a check at Christmas! So glad you are enjoying it!