Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Probate Information Beyond the Will

As a family historian, you always search for relationships and names to further your research.  While the will of Thomas Gilshannon names his wife and children, the probate gives additional information about where they lived at the time of their father's death and also the names of the spouses.  Since there is no federal census for 1890, a probate record for 1888 is about as close as you will get.  The location can help distinguish between individuals with a similar name and link them to a particular family.  Here is that record for Thomas Gilshannon.
The information contained in this probate record about his children, in birth order . . . his heirs at law on 17th of April 1888

Ellen Allen . . . aged 39 . . . resided in Clinton, Iowa
Thomas Gilshanan . . . aged 35 . . . resided in Whitney, Nebraska
Elizabeth Gilshanan . . . aged 33 . . . resided in Elk River, Iowa
Catherine Guerin . . . aged 32 . . . resided in Whitney, Nebraska
Bernard Gilshanan . . . aged 30 . . . resided in Aberdeen, Dakota
                                                               (It was still a territory at this time)
Mary M. Gilshanan . . . aged 22 . . . resided in Elk River, Iowa
Henry Gilshanan . . . aged 21 . . . resided in Elk River, Iowa

Note: His daughter Nancy died in June of 1882.  Nancy and Ellen were the children of Thomas and his first wife Ellen Guilfoil

Additionally it names the following spouses as heirs at law of deceased or interested in his estate:

James Allen . . . husband of Ellen Allen
Mrs. Thomas Gilshanan . . . wife of Thomas Gilshanan  (not much help)
Thomas Guerin . . . husband of Catherine Guerin
Mrs. Augusta Gilshanan . . . wife of Bernard Gilshanan

I have to assume that Elizabeth, Mary, and Henry were not married as of this date.  This gives quite a bit of additional information beyond the names in the will to research!!

Next post:   So. . .  what did everybody end up with when all was said and done?

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