Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Fortune Smiles. . .I won the Genlighten drawing

This morning I enjoyed breakfast at my local Panera's with a French Toast Bagel topped with lowfat hazelnut cream cheese and a refillable mug of hazelnut coffee. I hate drinking coffee out of a disposable cup.  Please make note of the lowfat part of this description.  And the best part is that it did not cost me a dime.  Why?  It was my good luck to win a gift certificate to Panera's from Genlighten at the recent NGS conference in Cincinnati!  Can you believe this, I even had my choice of gift certificates.  While at NGS I stopped by the Genlighten booth to tell them how satisfied I had been with their service.  Somehow, I felt, a face to face conveys more feeling than a mere email.  While I was there I noticed that, like many vendors, they had a bowl for a drawing, and so I put my name in the drawing, and forgot about it until I returned home and received an email from Cynthia with the good news.

If you have never used their service, I highly recommend them.  I have blogged about a couple of experiences here, and here.  I have also used their service for a death certificate for my grandfather when I wanted the cemetery information BEFORE a trip to Chicago, a death certificate for my gg grandmother that I could not locate on the Illinois archives even though her obituary said she died in Chicago, and for a scan of an original document of a wedding record my brother wanted that was at the Salt Lake library.  I wanted it for a Christmas gift, and it was only one week before Christmas!  In every case, I was extremely satisfied, and I highly recommend them to you.

Thank you.

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  1. Margel,
    What a great story! I'm glad you won -- and I'm a total fan of Panera, too.