Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

  In my previous lengthy blog post, I mentioned that my new to me cousin John told how his basement had flooded about four years ago, and most of his old family photos were ruined.  Can you hear me sobbing?  My mind instantly pictured my overflowing basement that I had promised to clean several years ago knee deep with water.  John's story was just the incentive I needed.  When I returned home I started throwing out and organizing the basement since I still had a few days before I returned to work. There were a couple of boxes that had an open top and my name in marker on the side.  I recognized some of my old high school memorabilia junk, but one box held undiscovered treasures.  After lifting a 1965 copy of the Tiger's Tale school paper from the top, I saw the photo above.  I have never seen this photo before. The young girl on the right is my grandmother Berenice Moldt Kennelly at about age 10.  The boy is her younger brother Edward T. Moldt who was always known as "Doc".  I have no idea who the other two girls are.  If any family members read this and recognize either girl, please let me know.  With those hats, maybe it was Sunday and they were on their way to church.  As I went through more of this particular box, I realized that it must have been one that my mother kept.  There were newspaper clippings of anything and everything I ever did as well as most of my old report cards.  Funny . . . because I remember myself as a much better student than my report cards show.  In first grade at Holy Saviour in Wichita, Kansas I had a consistent "C" in religious studies, and the card was full of checks for areas that needed improvement.   Mom had saved every letter I ever wrote home from college and after reading one four page letter of how distraught I was over breaking up with my boyfriend, I left the others.  Yuck!

Stuck in with my high school odds and ends were these photos, possibly circa 1945, of my grandparents, Berenice (the little girl with the hair bow above) and Ed Kennelly. It is perfect that I should share them on a "Wordless Wednesday" because really what can you say? 

I love old photos!


  1. wow! bet you are glad you decided to clean your basement.

  2. I love the hats worn by the little girls in the first photo, but I especially love the two old studio photos, my mum and dad have so many of these types taken in China Town in the late 50's and early 60's....they always made me laugh when I was young...oh hell they still make me laugh :)

  3. Kristin- Cleaning the basement was a win win situation. I relieved myself of the guilt for not doing it and found these wonderful treasures.

    Tracie - I agree about the hats. But for some reason my grandmother ALWAYS seemed to have that big bow in the back. I have several pictures with the same bow.

  4. This had to do with a post about your genealogy club. I happen to see this website and thought to show you it. I am not sure what would and would not work, but sharing anyway. : )