Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Euphemia S. & Annie J. Grasley

Annie J
Died July 15, 1876
Aged 12 yrs 1 Mo 28 dys
Euphemia S.
Died March 31, 1883
Aged 7 Yrs 4 Mo 7D

Children of
Peter & Elizabeth Grasley

In vain dear friends around their bed
Nursed tenderly Their forms of clay
In vain were tears of sorrow shed
The angels called our girls away

This week I heard from a new Allen cousin.  To honor that new connection I thought I would post a tombstone from my visit to Canada in the summer of 2009.  This is located at the same Old Stone Church in Eramosa Twp. Wellington County, Ontario, Canada as my 3x gr. grandparents, James Bush Allen (Sr.) and his wife Anna Lyman

I want to us to remember the young children who had their lives cut so short.  This is the tombstone of two daughters of my 3x great aunt, Elizabeth Allen Grasley and her husband Peter Grasley. Elizabeth, known as Betsy, was the sister of James B. Allen from the ladder photo.

From left:  Unknown dog, Peter Grasley, & wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Allen.  Photo courtesy of cousin Eileen Q.
Edited to include the word friends in the epitaph after it was deciphered by The Family Tree Sleuth - many thanks!  I had zoomed way in and still couldn't make it out. 

Another edit thanks to cousin Kathy who was with me at the cemetery when I took the above tombstone photo. - The last two lines were adjusted, and I think it is now correct!  Thank you to everyone for their help.  Together, we got it right!


  1. What a fabulous picture! The dog clearly meant a lot to them (as does my rescue dog asleep on my leg as I type this).

  2. Hi, it looks like the missing word is 'friends'. :)

  3. Both beautiful photos, but the dog struck me as tragic in the context of the loss of these two young daughters. I realize the photo was taken decades later, but found it interesting how visceral my response was to the juxtapositioning of the two.

  4. Tombstones of children just tug at my heart. And I love the photo of them with their dog. They obviously had a lot of love left in their hearts despite the tragedy of losing two children.

  5. Great photos...

    I understand exactly where you're coming from, Margel - I want us to remember the children, too.

    Has to be one reason I spend so much time in cemeteries - you can find them there when they lived between the censuses.

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    That dog in the chair is just too funny.

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