Monday, February 7, 2011

Marriage Monday

The beautiful bride - Anna Marie Kennelly - date approx. 1922-1924

This is the wedding of my grand aunt Anna Marie Kennelly, my grandfather's sister. 
Front left to right: Mary Kennelly (sister), Margaret aka Peg Kennelly (sister), Anna Marie (bride), Berenice Moldt Kennelly (my grandmother and sister-in-law), unknown girl
Back left to right: Jimmy Fox (cousin), Dr.Leon Farley (groom), Owen Kennelly (brother), Edward P. Kennelly, Jr. (my grandfather)

A few photos sit on your heart and won't leave.  For me, this is one of those photos.  My grandparents must have been newly married, and my great grandmother in all likelihood made the dresses since before her marriage, she had been a personal seamstress for Mrs. Potter Palmer.  She knew her way around a needle! Since I usually examine the clothing in old photographs before I look at the faces this was a feast. My grandmother looks so beautiful and my grandfather so young. . . was this photo before or after their daughter Margel died in 1922?  And Anna Marie did not know that she would have a short marriage, her husband would die, then she and her infant daughter would move back with her mother and Auntie  permanently - at 2338 W. Washington Blvd. - a house filled with family.


  1. The clothing is amazing, I love these pictures@

  2. Those are beautiful photos - not only for the clothing, but for the faces so filled with hope.

    Exactly what a wedding should look like.

  3. Beautiful dresses - and I love the flowers. Jo

  4. Totally agree, great photos! Love the clothes, love the faces filled with hope. Love the story you told, with words and photos.

  5. These photos are fantastic. How beautiful the dresses are and the bride all decked out with her flowers that flow to the floor.

    Thanks for sharing. Isn't it interesting that in those days people did not smile for studio pictures? Still a wonderful piece.


  6. What a head piece and dress. Such a nice formal wedding too.