Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost the Whole D___ Family!

Does it look like this was taken on a Sunday?

 I would like for you to again meet my grandmother's family, the Moldt's.  Since my grandmother was the only person in the family missing, I have to assume that she was taking the photo.  The skeptical looking woman is my beloved and stylish great grandmother, DaDa Mae - Mae Allen Moldt.  On the right is her first husband and my great grandfather, Edward Thomas Moldt, his parents immigrated from Denmark. On the far left is James Bush Allen, Mae's father from Eramosa Twp., Canada West (Ontario).  Their oldest son, Edward Allen Moldt (known as Doc because when he was young he would carry around a black bag like a doctor), sits on the ladder with his mother's arm holding his. Lastly,  perched high on the ladder is their youngest child, Harold, (always known as Uncle High).  I am not positive what year this was taken, but Harold was born in 1908, and he looks like he is maybe 12 or 13.  I will guess it was around 1920.  

While I know I have posted this photo before, what I want you to compare is this "Sunday Best" with the Facebook style photo that was taken at the same time!  Either young people haven't changed  in the last hundred years, or my grandmother was ahead of her time with her quirky photos. 

Left to right: Edward A. Moldt, Edward T. Moldt, James B. Allen, Anna Mae Moldt, Harold Moldt

Wait. . . do I detect a hint of a smile from Edward Thomas and James B.?  They always look so somber and domineering in all my other photos.  My grandmother definitely had a sense of humor with her photography, so they must have had a sense of humor to go along with this.  The caption she wrote in white ink on the black album page under the photo said, "Almost the whole d--- family!


  1. You're very fortunate to have a *fun* photo of your ancestors from this era. You don't see many. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this picture and I love the contrast!

  3. A great pair of photos! Love the more candid shot that allows a bit of personality to show.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  4. Wonderful photos, but esp. the one with the ladder sideways. They sure were having fun.

  5. Stumbled on your photos in my research of the GAVAN family of Eramosa Twp near Guelph ONtario. James B Allan's son Ebenezer m2 Sarah Gavan. May I copy and use your top photo of James in my family booklet?