Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let Us Not Forget . . .

Let us not forget that the spirit of the upcoming holiday is peace, good will and charity.  What ever your religious persuasion or lack thereof, it is still a universal wish for a kinder world.  I agree that it can get lost in all the commercialism, and my blog has definitely focused on the quirkier side of my family celebrations.  So. . . .

I want to share with you a blog post from the Chicago History Journal about the Good Fellows.  It is easy to feel helpless as "only one person", but it only take the vision of one person to make a difference.

Do something for others no matter how small the effort. Remember many individual grains of sand make a beach.


  1. Beautiful Father Christmas picture. Good Advice. I gather you're a Chicagoan too. I grew up at 4222 W. Washington Blvd. You went to Providence St. Mel's? I went to Tilton at West End and Keeler and Bethel Lutheran Church, kitty-corner from Tilton. Many of my friends went to St. Mel's.
    We have a reunion of all tiltonites and St. Mel folks -- any grad year up to 1963 -- when we all seemed to disappear from West Garfield Park and connections were broken. We share stories of the old neighborhood.

    Many great photos and stories on your blog! I'm a new blogger at below link (Family Archaeologist) and am sharing my grandfather's 100 year old diary this week as he headed to America -- and eventually Chicago - on Xmas Eve 1910.

  2. My mother grew up in Chicago. She graduated from the all female Providence in 1942. Her brother was destined for St. Mel's but ended up at Bishop Quarters. I think he might have needed the stricter guidance of BQ. I lived in Kansas and then central Indiana.