Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow Friday. . . Oh Whoops, It's Tuesday

Well, even if it is Tuesday, I can't wait.  I have always intended to include a Follow Friday for The Faces of My Family blog since I first began my own blog.  After all, Lisa was the friendly stranger at a local library genealogy fair who invited me to join the genealogy club at a local church.   Great.  It would be so nice to be around people whose eyes wouldn't glaze over when I said the word genealogy and would laugh at cemetery jokes instead of thinking I was creepy.  The rest of the members of the group were just as friendly as Lisa.  At the first meeting I casually asked her about blogging since she mentioned her blog in our conversation.  She was so supportive and encouraged me to "just go ahead and do it".  She persuaded me and then answered my pestering questioning emails so quickly and with great patience.  When it turned out to be as easy as she said, I was thrilled. She read my blog and left comments to keep me going.  She even listed me in a Follow Friday post on her blog.  She is much more organized than I am.

Now The Faces of My Family has been nominated by Family Tree Magazine as one of the top 40 blogs in the new blog category.  Wow!  I have already voted several times - and by the way that is totally legal.  Not only is her blog a wonderful read, but she is a cemetery superhero.  Read her blog posts here, here, and here.  I have been so amazed by her ability to locate small cemeteries on private lands and bring the final resting place of her ancestors back into the sunshine. But beyond that she is active on Find a Grave and RAOGK.   A dedicated genealogist with a blog that is fun and interesting to read.

I could be subtle, but why.  Vote for The Faces of My Family as one of the top 40 genealogy blogs here.  As I said in the last presidential election:  Vote now, vote often.

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  1. Margel:

    I do believe I'm blushing! Thank you so much for your vote but more importantly, for your friendship! Us graveyard rabbits need to stick together!