Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Weeks in Ireland . . . . and It Rained Every Day

Last summer, a friend and I took a two week vacation to Ireland. I have shared some of my experiences before from this trip here and here and here. Today I want to share more of my photos. It was difficult to choose and so in only a vague order . . . . from Inishmore, Aran Islands, past the Cliffs of Mohr, around the Ring of Kerry, exploring the Dingle Peninsula along Slea Head Drive, to Kinsale and the Dunbrody Famine Ship. We stopped at backyard ring forts and those perched on edges of  cliffs. We traveled through farm roads and small towns past castle ruins,famine cottages, and quaint pubs as the GPS steered us to our destination. Our nights were at friendly and picturesque B&B's. We climbed over rock fields just to see the Black Fort and explored cemeteries around ruins of abbeys, castles, and manor houses. As we dressed each day, the only question was what we should wear under our rain coat. My friend was a fabulous navigator and always reminde me to "stay to the left" . . . and for the most part I did.   I have worked and worked to insert a slideshow in my blog and this is it. I think it might be too small to see - we'll find out.  I first tried to do a collage, but it was really teeny photos so I switched tactics.  Hopefully, I will get better.  I also choose photos without either of us, save one, in them.  That also, determined which photos I chose.  I did insert LOTS of tombstones, but I took lots of photos of them.  What can I say, I have the soul of a graveyard rabbit.

Note:  The slideshow worked but I don't know why it made the photos such low quality.  Was there a choice somewhere?

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