Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Total Stranger Tombstone Tuesday

Lemuel Roseberry
Well, since I have an abundance of tombstone photos, I thought they would be perfect for a Tombstone Tuesday.  No, I am not related to these people at all!

Isaiah Roseberry - born Columbia Co Penn Aug 5 1809
Confession time: I take photos of headstones.  Doesn't every genealogist you respond?  I take photos of my ancestors of course, but strangely I also photograph the headstones of complete strangers.  I don't always know what draws me to a particular headstone.  It might be the amount of information listed on it like this one in the South Bend City Cemetery.  It was located near the grave of my husband's gr. grandparents and as we walked back to our car, we discussed some of the headstones we passed, but at this one I stopped and walked all the way around - four or more times.  It was full of information on all four sides.  I was going on and on about all of the information, to which my daughter replied, "So. . . . let's go.  As a genealogist, I was jealous that I had never stumbled on one like this for anyone in my family.  I just had to take photos  because I was sure that someone was searching for this information.  When I arrived home, I posted a message Ancestry.com and waited.  Nothing.  Finally 6 months later (and I was lucky that it wasn't years), I had request, so now I feel vindicated and they are reunited with a family member, but I have saved them just in case anyone else might need them.

Other times, I am fascinated by a story they tell like the Celtic cross of a Blasket Island fisherman, or drowned at Kinsale, or in a particular battle on a foreign shore.

Maybe, it is an unusual marker, the historic location, or the age that fascinates me.  It has made me think about what I want for myself.  As of now, I think I want a bench with a bronze ball of yarn, knitting needles, and a basket of quilt pieces on one end. Maybe one of my descendants will come and sit with me and bring their own hobby.   I just want to be remembered, and that is what I am doing as I wander around cemeteries reading and taking photos.


  1. Margel:

    I do the same thing in cemeteries! However, when I get home I check Find A Grave and if they are not on there I add them. I've had relatives of these people contact me that way! I just checked FAG and both Sarah and Isaiah have memorials posted but without photos. Please go over and post your photos. Their descendents will be so happy you did!

  2. Lisa: I have looked at FAG a couple of times before, but it seemed like the registration was long, and I didn't have time. I just need to look at it again. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Okay, I have now spent an hour registering for Find A Grave, searching and finding the Roseberry entry and then trying to upload my photos. They weren't the right size. They were too large. So now I needed to reduce them, but all I had was Picasa. Surely, it reduces the size. But where? Then I had to search the help section to find it. You have to export to reduce the size. It seemed to work, but I didn't reduce it enough, so I tried again. It made a copy, but for some reason, I couldn't access the new copy. Tried again, and again, and again. No luck. I have spent an hour and it still isn't posted!! Now I remember why I didn't do this before.