Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now, Meet the Rest of the Family. . . .

My original goal was to set the stage for the name of my blog by introducing you to my ancestors who lived at this address. You have met my great grandparents and now it is time to introduce their children. . . . Family photos are some of my greatest treasures, and I absolutely love these! Thank you to my relatives who shared them with me.

Here are the boys from the left: John,b. 1904, Owen, b. 1902, and finally my grandfather Edward Phillip Jr., b. 1899. My grandfather certainly never looked like his brothers.

Next the girsl from the left (I think): Mary,b.1910, Anna Marie,b. 1901, and Margaret known as Peg,b. 1906

I never really knew my grandfather's family very well. I remember meeting a few of them and I visited my great grandmother a few times, but now I want to find out as much as I can. I think my passion for genealogy is also my passion to find a family, my family. I want to know them. I always thought genealogy was just dates and names, but now I know it is really so much more. I want to find newspaper articles (I love these), see where they lived and worked, reconstuct relationship and find the lost or forgotten. I never realized how emotional this journey would be. That emotion is definitely part of the genealogy addiction!

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