Sunday, May 9, 2010

1418 Fulton St.

As I compare the photos above with the family photo in my first post, it appears as though, this could be the building. There were probably a row of rentals very much like this all along the street. Google Earth places 1418 either directly on or very near the right side of this building. In my family photo there is a double door behind them and the center section of this building has a double door. I can't tell whether the doors on the side do also. The brick around the door also seems similar. Presently, the value of the property is listed by Google at just a tad below a million with six bedrooms and 3.2 baths. It sounds like it was originally a triplex. I think I have found it! Now if someone would just cut down that tree in the front so I could get a good look.

I know now that writing this blog was a good idea. I definitely feel that I need to analyze the facts more before I post them, so, in this case, it forced me to spend more time evaluating the location and downloading photos. I am definitely more methodical when I compose a post. So often I come across information and just save it with the intention of fitting the pieces together later, but later never comes. I love the detective part of genealogy and I am not very good at the housekeeping. For this post I even took a tour around the block with the the help of Google Earth. It is truly an amazing time we live in. I am sure this blog will advance and organize (this will make my brother happy) my family history. When I started, I wasn't sure what I would post or if I would even like doing it. In general, I am a very private person.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother Gloria Kennelly. Rest in peace.

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  1. well, guess that's what comes from commenting 6 months late. you found out how to copy the photos already.

    I find that blogging forces me to organize and pull things together too.